Unity Apps

Both apps were made because of my dislike for free apps that entice the player to spend money on added extras required to play the game, I also detest the advertising to collect further money from the players, games should be free of such menaces as videos.

Leader Match 3

Match 3 in a row, horizontal or vertical to destroy fruits.
Match 4 in a row, horizontal or vertical to destroy fruits and get a striped boost that once activated destroys the whole row whether that is horizontal or vertical.

Match 5 in a row will give you a multicoloured bomb, that destroys all fruits of one colour that you select with the bomb.

Match 4 fruits in a square and get a ladybird boost, that once activated by the colour will destroy 2 different hard to reach fruits.

Game does not contain any in app purchases or adverts or videos.

There is a daily reward given every 24 hours of coins, more for each day visited.

Win coins every game and use the Spin Bonus to get additional boosts to help complete a game.

Demo here has 100 levels. Have fun, send me an email in contacts to tell me your comments. Enjoy.

Here is a link if you want to share, it will show the game in a web browser, mobiles included.




A guess the word game.

In settings you can select between 4,5,6 or seven letter words.

You get the first letter showing, every letter has to be inserted as indicated by the blue surround around the square, there are hints available on the menu but you have to pay coins for different hints.

Green indicates a letter in the correct place, Yellow indicates a correct letter but in the wrong place, Red indicates that the letter is not in the word.

When you press enter you will see if the word is correct, if it is the dictionary, if not you have to use the backspace key and try again. You only go forward if the word is in the dictionary.

You get a daily reward every 24 hours and win coins for each correct guess in 6 goes, you can also change the attempts in settings.

Offensive and bad language are excluded from the dictionary as also are personalnames such as John, Jill.

The game contains over 25,000 words and is harder by the number of letters.

The demo is restricted to 4 letter words only.

Here is a link if you want to share, it will show the game in a web browser, mobiles included.


Have Fun and leave a comment in the Contacts if you like the game. Enjoy Johnny.